Post-16 travel charge Q&A

Sheffield City Council has decided to charge students using post-16 SEN transport an annual contribution of £540. We invited officers from the transport service to a parents’ meeting to discuss the charge.

New information booklets

We have just published two new guides for parents. One focuses on SEN Support in mainstream schools, the other guides parents through their child’s transition from children’s to adult services.

Reorganisation of Integrated Resources

We have been contacted by parents asking for clarification about a proposal submitted to the Schools Forum, which aims to improve support for learners with autism by reorganising Integrated Resource provision.

JumpStars trampolining sessions

From 21 March 2017, we will be running monthly trampolining sessions for children with additional needs and their siblings at the brand-new Jump Inc. centre near Meadowhall.

Membership survey: you said, we did

Every two years, we ask our members what they think about our organisation and the services we provide. Find out what we’re doing in response to the feedback you’ve given us through our latest membership survey.