Concerns about your toddler’s speech development?

Can your toddler understand simple commands or instructions like “sit down” or “give me your cup”, without you giving them extra clues by pointing or gesturing?

Does he/she use recognisable single words (at least 20-50 single words by the age of 2 years)?

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development, the Sheffield Speech and Language Therapy Service can help. Therapists now run monthly drop-in clinics at nine Children’s Centres, where you can get advice and/or an initial assessment.

Contact your local Children’s Centre for information about clinic dates. Please note, drop-in clinics are for children who are NOT currently on the service’s caseload.

Speech and language therapists also run weekly Talking Toddler groups at several Children’s Centres. Your child needs a referral to attend these. Please speak to your Health Visitor, or contact the Sheffield Speech and Language Therapy Service (tel. 0114 3053957 / email for more information.