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    • 9th August 2011
    • Over the past 18 months, volunteers from the Parent Carer Forum have been working in partnership with a group of officers from Early Years, SNIPS and the Childminding Network to improve childcare for disabled children in Sheffield. The group was given a ring-fenced budget to work with, and was very willing to take on board parents’ proposals. As a result, the following initiatives have now been implemented:

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    • 30th June 2011
    • At almost every event and every consultation we have organised in the past two years, parents have raised concerns about a lack of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) input for their children. We want to do something about this.

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    • 19th May 2011
    • Disabled children and their families turned out in their droves on Sunday 15th May to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon at Ponds Forge, organised by the Forum with funding from Sheffield City Council.

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    • 12th March 2011
    • In December 2010, the Children’s Minister announced that the Government will be providing local authorities with £800m over the next four years to fund short breaks for families with disabled children. This represents approx £200m per year, the highest ever investment in short breaks.

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