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    • 2nd September 2010
    • Fundamentally a short break can be anything that provides the primary carer of a disabled child/young person a break from the additional responsibilities that this brings.  Short breaks can be overnight or day care and take place in a wide variety of settings.

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    • 22nd June 2010
    • Disabled children and their parents, carers and siblings enjoyed a fun-filled day at Norfolk Heritage Park, courtesy of Sheffield Parent Carer Forum.

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    • 2nd April 2010
    • Many of you will have seen the article in the Sheffield Star highlighting a survey by our group about special educational needs in Sheffield, which showed that only 10% of parents feel there is adequate provision for children with special needs in mainstream schools.

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    • 23rd March 2010
    • Our registration was approved by Companies House on the 17th of April 2010, and we held our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) 4 days later. At the AGM we dropped the “Interim” from our name, approved our constitution, elected a management committee, and presented an annual report and accounts. Minutes can be downloaded from the “Resources” section of this website.

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