Our Work

Our Work

  • Providing peer support

    We create opportunities for parent carers to meet others in a similar situation, talk about their experiences and provide emotional support.

    We run monthly coffee mornings, family fun days, Christmas events, monthly trampolining sessions and outreach visits to schools, nurseries and parent support groups.

    For details of upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

    To request a visit from our outreach volunteers, please contact us.

    Giving information

    We believe that informed parents are empowered parents. We regularly provide information for our members through:

    Gathering and representing parents’ views

    We use a variety of methods to find out what parents think about the services their children receive. Find out what parents have told us

    Our parent representatives attend dozens of meetings with council officers, health and education professionals every year. Their role is to feed back the experiences of ALL parent carers – they are not there to talk about their own issues. Read meeting notes

    Our reps value and use your feedback; so please tell us about your experiences!