Neurodisability training project

Neurodisability training project

  • We are now offering FREE parent-led training on neurodisability, with a focus on autism and ADHD. The sessions are aimed at professionals and practitioners who work with children aged 0-12 years in Sheffield.

    Sessions last 5 hours (in person) or 4 hours 10 minutes (online) and consist of:

    • A parent section where parent trainers talk about their lived experience and deliver top tips for professionals when working with families
    • A health section which covers the signs of autism and ADHD, the referral processes, and support available from local health services (including mental health support)
    • A local authority section where a local authority officer discusses the family support services available from Sheffield City Council, as well school referrals and transitions

    We have a number of online and in-person sessions available, including some weekend dates. The in-person sessions take place at Nexus near Meadowhall and include a free lunch!

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    For more information, please contact Robyn on 0300 321 4721 Ext 114 or email