Autism in Schools project

22nd September 2021

  • We are excited to be part of a government-funded project that aims to improve support for autistic children and young people in mainstream secondary schools.

    Starting in September, the project will run at approximately ten mainstream secondary schools in Sheffield. Once selected, a list of participating schools will be published on our website.

    The project seeks to improve the school environment, foster good relationships between staff, parents and students, signpost families to sources of support and provide better access to early intervention.

    We are currently in the process of recruiting a project worker who will set up parent groups in the participating schools and seek parents’ views on how to improve support for their children. Another organisation (yet to be confirmed) will set up children’s and young people’s forums in the schools.

    Using learning from the project, training for school staff will be co-produced by health professionals and parents. This will ensure that good practice developed at the pilot schools can be rolled out across the city.

    Although the project primarily focusses on autism, we are keen to ensure that it benefits learners with other types of needs as well. Parents of children with any type of special educational need or disability will be welcome to attend the parent groups.