Disabled kids enjoy fun day out

24th August 2017

  • On 18 August, 79 families – almost 300 people – came to Hillsborough Sports Arena to attend our sixth family fun day.

    There was a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities, including bungee trampolines, bouncy castles, a petting zoo with exotic animals (including a massive snake!), drumming, dance and animation workshops, and a variety of sports and craft activities. While the children played, their parents got a chance to relax … helped by the fact that, for once, there was no lunch to prepare, as the lovely staff at Hillsborough Sports Arena took care of that!

    Many parents commented how relaxed and friendly the event was – just right for children who don’t cope well with crowds and noise.

    The weather held up until about an hour before closing time, when it started to rain. As the crowd started to thin, wet children continued to huddle around the bungee trampolines and the animals. Clearly, those were the star attractions, and we’ll be sure to invite them again next year!

    To see photos of the event, please visit our Facebook page.