Do you need to (re-)apply for SEN Transport?

17th June 2021

  • If you want your child to get transport to and from school by minibus or taxi, you need to re-apply when they move to a new school, and every year while they are in post-16 education.

    Transition to nursery / primary / secondary school

    The Travel Assessment & Training Team are currently working on school transitions ready for the start of September 2021. Any parent whose child will be moving from nursery to primary, primary to secondary or secondary to post-16 will need to re-apply for travel support. If your child already receives transport to and from school, then you should have received a request form and TIF (Transport Information Form) through the post. If not, the please email to request these forms.

    If your child is transitioning into Post 16, your request form, TIF and information pack has already been sent out to you. It is important that parents provide as much information as possible, in order that the right travel support is offered to their child.

    Post 16 – Years 13, 14, 15

    If your child is already in post-16 education, you need to re-apply for travel support every year if you want it to continue, and you need to request the forms (you won’t be sent them automatically). Please email and request a ‘Travel Information Pack’, which contains all the relevant forms you need to complete.

    The closing date for all request forms is at the end of July, but the sooner you send your completed form the quicker a decision can be made as all applications are discussed at a travel panel which meets twice a month. Any forms received after 30 July will not be processed until September.

    Post-16 transport contribution

    For the past few years, any young person receiving transport to access post-16 education has been asked to pay a transport contribution. Due to the pandemic, there was a slight change to this charge, but from September the charge will return to its previous amount of £540 per year. The contribution amount may alter dependent on the number of days students are accessing their provision. In the application pack you should have received is information about how the contribution can be paid, and ways in which parents may be able to receive school or college bursaries which will cover any transport costs.

    For more information or to request an application form, please email