Emosi: a new therapy centre in Burngreave

29th September 2023

  • Emosi is a new transcultural therapy centre based at Ellesmere Children’s Centre in Burngreave. Funded through a two-year National Lottery grant, the centre provides assessment and play-based therapies for children aged 2-12 years who are experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges.

    Emosi’s culturally diverse and multilingual therapists offer a range of interventions, including:

    • Music therapy
    • Art therapy
    • Attention Autism sessions
    • Intensive Interaction sessions
    • PECS development (Picture Exchange Communication System – a communication method based on visual symbols)

    Children attend Emosi on a weekly basis, and the first six sessions are provided free of charge. If further sessions are required, families can purchase these at a subsidised rate of £42 per session.

    Most schools are happy to allow children to attend during school hours, and every effort is made to allocate sessions at the start or end of the school day, or during lunchtime.

    Emosi accepts referrals from a wide range of professionals, including school staff and social workers. Parents can also self-refer their child. A formal diagnosis is not required, but there is a waiting list.

    For more information and to download a referral form, please visit their website. Alternatively, call 0114 276 5544 to speak to staff about the service.