Membership survey: you said, we did

26th February 2017

  • >Every two years, we ask our members what they think about our organisation and the services we provide – and we’re very grateful to everyone who takes the time to respond! You can download a report about our 2016 membership survey here.

    Here’s what we’re doing in response to the latest feedback you’ve given us:

    The newsletter continues to be very popular with our members and was read by 91% of respondents.
    •    We have funding for the Spring 2017 newsletter and part-funding for the Autumn 2017 newsletter.
    •    We have set up a Fundraising Committee which will work to secure ongoing funding and/or sponsorship for future editions of the newsletter and funding for family activities and events.

    Members were most interested in hearing about local services (74%) and other helpful organisations (68%).
    •    We will continue to include this information in our communications with parents.
    •    We will work with Sheffield City Council to improve the information on the Local Offer.

    Popular events included parent workshop/information sessions (attended by 51% of respondents) and family activities such as the Family Fun Day (attended by 49%)
    •    We will continue to work with partner organisations to arrange workshops and information events for parents.
    •    We have provisionally booked the date for the Family Fun Day 2017.
    •    We have agreed a monthly disability-friendly trampolining session at Jump Inc near Meadowhall.

    The main reasons for members not getting further involved was that they had no time (53%). The timing of meetings is a problem, especially for those parents who work.
    •    We have tried evening workshops and training events in the past, but often these were not well attended.
    •    The new trampolining sessions will be in the evening (6 to 7pm). We hope that will be an opportunity for members who can’t usually attend our daytime meetings to talk to SPCF staff, volunteers and other parents.
    •    We will continue to post as much information from events as possible on our website and Facebook page.

    94% of respondents were either confident or very confident that SPCF can accurately represents their views.
    •    To maintain this level of confidence we have started an affiliate membership project to work more closely with other parent-led support groups. This will widen the number of parents that we can reach and gather views from.

    The main issues that members would like SPCF concentrate on next year were education, EHC plans and transition to adult services
    •    We will continue to work with schools, colleges and Sheffield City Council to represent the views of parents about education.
    •    We are writing an information booklet about the SEN education pathway in Sheffield. This will be published in April 2017.
    •    We have established a new parent group that will focus on the transition to adult services.
    •    We have funding to update the Transition Timeline.