New information booklets

19th April 2017

  • We have just published two new guides for parents. Written by our workers Eva and Anne, the booklets aim to provide information frequently requested by parents. They have been proofread by relevant officers and professionals to ensure they are factually correct.

    Special Educational Needs Support in School is aimed at parents of children and young people who attend a mainstream school in Sheffield. The booklet explains how schools identify and support pupils with SEN, what a MyPlan is, how the EHC needs assessment process works, and what parents can do if they encounter difficulties.

    Our 14-25 Transitions Guide is an update of our old Transitions Timeline which reflects the SEND reforms and new legislation in the Care Act. It is aimed at parents of young people with EHC plans aged 14 to 25 years in mainstream and specialist education who are preparing for adulthood. It covers education, health, social care, employment, finance and benefits.