No radical changes to post-16 provision

16th March 2014

  • In last year’s spring newsletter, we reported that Sheffield City Council was planning to move towards a four-day week for ALL students in specialist post-16 education (i.e. both at special schools and on specialist college courses), possibly supplemented by some employment-related or leisure activity on the fifth day. This move was intended to address historic inequities between providers, and to enable the council to meet increasing demand from a static budget.

    We have now been informed that there will be no abrupt changes to post-16 provision. Instead, the intention now is to taper out the time students spend in special school sixth forms, whilst simultaneously increasing their participation in enrichment activities. This will be done via an individual timetable for each student.

    In addition, the Council has given extra funding to the Sheffield College to increase provision for students on their Practical Skills courses from three to four days a week.

    Two bridging programmes for school leavers from Talbot, Heritage Park and Holgate Meadows special schools (My Learning My Way and New Routes) have also had a funding increase to allow them to take on more students.

    Need help planning your child’s post-16 provision? The LDD (Learning Difficulties and Disabilities) Team at Sheffield Futures can advise you. Contact them on 0114 201 2800.