Questionnaire results out now!

23rd July 2009

  • At our first conference you told us that support at school, and specialist health and educational provision were your biggest concerns. We devised a questionnaire to find out more about these issues, and posted it to 1,010 parent carers in Sheffield. We are pleased to report that we’ve received 209 replies, so thank you to everyone who took part!

    The survey is now closed and a summary (660 KB) is available for download here. The results show that many disabled children in Sheffield are NOT having their needs met, and they give us a good idea where the gaps in local provision are.

    We have fed the outcome of our survey back to Councillors, the Local Authority and the Primary Care Trust, and we will endeavour to work constructively with all of them to bring about real, tangible improvements for our children.

    A summary of this survey will be included in the new LDD strategy for Sheffield, and the results will also inform the work of all relevant task groups.